Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bryant Park

What, No Food???
Ok, this is an entry that is not about food - I changed it up a bit. It does belong on the list, however. Where else can you get the great outdoors, free seating, a nice table to put your laptop on and free wi-fi! Yes, you read that correctly - the whole park has free wi-fi.

So, pull up a seat and get to work! Oh, you may wanna bring your sunglasses....

42nd St to the North, 41st St to the South
6th Ave to the West, 5th Ave to the East

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  1. What happened to the food, Gorilla??? Huh??? Huh??? Wahaha...

    Got to say the idea of working in the park is pretty good... given that I am constantly staring into the freaking small laptop screen of mine... the greenary will help relax my eyes. Now we are talking...

    Will it be too cold in Nov? I don't wanna be frozen out there!!!

  2. Ok, I admit - the TreatsTruck was parked nearby and I visited it before sitting in the park.