Monday, October 20, 2008

Baked - Brooklyn

For Me, It's All About the Space
Yes, they have freshly baked goodies, coffee from Stumptown, friendly staff and free wifi. The B61 bus even drops you at the front door. These are mere trifles because what struck me immediately about Baked was the space. I sunk into a cushioned bench with my latte and took it all in. The faux crystal chandelier above the counter contrasts against chocolate walls on one side.

The opposite wall of floor to ceiling pine planking doubles the natural light from the front windows. As I sat there, facing the door, I fell into a people-watching trance and lost all track of time. I would have been happy to sit there and while away my entire Sunday afternoon.

However, feeling the pressure to snap a shot of a foodstuff for the blog, I chose a chocolate whoopie pie with peanut butter filling. It was surprisingly moist and the filling was excellent. Even if it had tasted like a hockey puck, I am convinced I would keep jumping on the B61 to come here to spend time.

359 Van Brunt St
Red Hood

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  1. I don't know what coffee from Stumptown taste like.. but if there's a name and a link, I am assuming it's all good :)

    I don't remember but is this the same B61 that takes us to Gorilla coffee or is that B63??

  2. Close, Puffin. B63 takes ya to Gorilla, B61 takes ya to Baked on one end and Willyburg on the other.