Wednesday, June 30, 2010

River Deli - Brooklyn

Don't Be Thrown by the Name
River Deli is not a deli and it's not on a river. It's a newly-opened restaurant that specializes in Sardinian cuisine. Yes, Sardinia - that island in the Mediterranean just to the left of Italy's kneecap. The Pingles has been hankering for pasta so this place was a godsend - they got pasta in spades, some familiar and some less so. An example of the former was this perfectly portioned tagliatelle with meat sauce.

Being the adventurous one, I got something very Sardinian - a pasta called Malloreddusu. It looks very much like small worms and came with meatballs and a rich tomato sauce. I didn't care for it much at first but it grew on me by mid-plate, about the time when I'm contractually obligated to share with my girlfriend. I liked Pingle's dish more so I didn't fight the plate-rotation like I usually do.

We started with some asparagus that came delivered on crispy flatbread and an order of calamari which I didn't photo. Both were decent, not mind-blowing.

I like the feel of the place - it's a small neighborhood spot run by a husband and wife that seats perhaps 20? Service is not the rapidest but the prices are reasonable. We'll be back for sure - there are a few other things on the meny we'd like to try. Like Iris Cafe, which is just down the block, it's a ways from the nearest subway. Oh and - cash only.

32 Joralemon St
Brooklyn Heights

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  1. I think Joralemon is fast becoming my favorite food street.... with Iris for breakfast and River Deli for dinner.

    My pasta was really very yummilicious. I am fussy abt my sauce base and this is a close second to Sal's homemade sauce.

  2. @Puffin - Iris ain't on Joralemon but I know what you mean. Now we got two good spots deep in the Heights, far enough away from the subway to discourage the Manhattan bridge and tunnel crew.