Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chinese Mirch - Manhattan

Satisfying, but Not Sock-Knocking
This sunny Murray Hill spot bills itself as Indian-Chinese, not the other way around. I was unable to engage the Indian and Chinese waiters in a debate on the subject, but they did confirm that the word mirch means spicy in Hindi. They have plenty of spicy dishes to bring you to a boil, a good idea on a cool, windy day like today. I warmed up with Manchou soup - vegetables, green chilis and crispy noodles. The slight sourness of the first spoonful was gracefully overtaken by chili-heat.

Next up was Chicken Manchurian, a tasty dish of breaded chicken chunks in an onion, ginger and garlic sauce. Not quite as spicy as the soup, but satisfying and filling.

120 Lexington Ave,

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  1. I probably wouldn't try these because they look too spicy for my liking. But but but... given the cold that I wouldn't be used to in NY, I may just take up the challenge.. u reckon?

  2. Definitely getting cold here so you may end up liking anything that warms you up.....

  3. Indian-Chinese is the brainchild of Chinese restaurants in India, who spiced the dishes to suit our palates.
    It's also called Desi-Chinese ( Desi means 'country' in Hindi)
    Expats like me in the US crave Desi-Chinese: reminds us of street food in delhi on cold winter mornings, eating Sweet corn Chicken soup and Fried rice by the roadside....

  4. Heeru - thanks for your comment, I was hoping someone would fill me in. This is the only Indian-Chinese place I have been to. Do you know of any others in NY?