Friday, December 24, 2010

Fish and Chippers - Melbourne

Wasn't in the Cards
We set off from our hotel to Fish and Chippers expecting a short tram ride to a tasty fish and chips.  We should've known better.  We got on the wrong tram, then switched to a wronger one.  One of those typical couple arguments broke out where I, the man, was determined to go my way and Dodo, the woman, wanted to interrogate my thinking. When we got off the second tram we were standing next to a rental bike stand and decided to ride there.  A friendly Melbournian helped us figure out the system and we ignored the large signs warning that it was against the law to ride bikes without a helmet.  Dodo pedaled like a turtle, doubtful of the route or in protest, perhaps.  When we dead-ended at a busy street and had to push our bikes across, I thought she was going to kill me.  Save me, Fish and Chippers, save me!
It looked like it was going to be good but the journey there should've been a tip-off.  It just wasn't going to be my day.  I was hoping for one of those "served in the newspaper funnel" type experiences but nope.  Again, like some of the other meals I had in Mebourne, it was a tad on the bland side.  To make matters worse, the tartar sauce was unlike what I'm used to.  It was way too sweet for my taste.  I had a sandwich and she had hers with fries. 
Overall, an interesting journey that ended in disappointment.  I'm sure there are better fish and chips spots in Melbourne but I don't know where they are.
293 Clarendon St
South Melbourne

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  1. After the fish and chips at The Botanical (the chi chi cafe near on Domain Street)... I got to say I enjoyed this a whole lot more. A little on the oily side but other than that, it was yummy :)

  2. @Dodo - wow, I forgot about that Botanical spot already. Yes, ok, much better than the Botanical but is that high praise?

  3. Golly who sent you there for fish and chips!?!? much better places in St Kilda, Port Melbourne and Brighton :)

  4. @Steph - what are the names of the spots? When I come back, I wanna get some good fish and chips....