Thursday, August 13, 2009

Juice Sellers - Hanoi

Vietnamese Juice With a Smile
Forgive me, this is likely to be the least informative post I've ever done. I don't know the name of this place, the address or what juice I drank. It's hard to find certain things out here in Hanoi if you don't speak Vietnamese. Puffin is good at jumping into stuff and pointing, but not the local language. And me? Well, I'm practically useless. All I know is we were thirsty, it was like 100 degrees and the mom and daughter of this juice shop looked very friendly. Pingle pointed at a juice and they invited her in to sit on one of the small seats against the wall.

Of course, Puffin being Puffin - she was pointing at a juice for me. She then pointed at another for herself. Before I knew what hit me, we were sitting inside the shop, not that there was a shop to be in, exactly. We had a front row seat to the making of the juice. Some water, some ice, a couple of scoops of mystery elixir and boom, we had two ice cold juices.

They had a jasmine flower flavor and those berries on the bottom are lotus seeds, we think. Apparently, you have to boil them for some time before they become soft and edible. They reminded me of lychee in composition, but not in flavor.

What an enjoyable experience. We sat, drank our juices and watched the street traffic. As you can see, mom and daughter looked just alike, each with a beautiful smile.

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