Wednesday, December 10, 2008

H3C - Paris

Minh Chau's Little Brother
This sleek vietnamese eatery is owned and run by the same family that started Minh Chau. It is the younger, cooler, hipper version. The exterior belies what waits within.

You enter into a small, modern downstairs that contains a handful of small tables.

Upstairs is roomier, with a nice view onto Rue de Renard.

Most important, the food. Their focus is Pho and Bo Bun, the latter of which is cold noodles with beef, roasted peanuts, scallions, carrots and deep-fried spring rolls tucked in the corners (thanks to the David Lebovitz blog for the explanation.) I got the Bo Bun and enjoyed it tremendously. The combination of flavors was excellent - I especially enjoyed the mix peanuts and spring rolls. I should have gotten an order of the deep-fried spring rolls to go - they were absolutely off the charts.

My colleague got an order of ginger chicken, which was good but nothing compared to the Bo Bun. He was happy however, because he first got a falafel sandwich from L'As du Falafel. All of this, plus two Tsing Tao beers for 19 Euros - which is cheap for Paris.
4th Arondissement
Update from December 20th, 2008: here.

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  1. Finally... real food in Paris for FN!!!

    And you sure started on the right foot... with L'As du Falafel and then this. Bo Bun looks good but I don't think that would be my prefered choice (looks too healthy). I would probably just attack the spring rolls... yummzious...

    I wanna go too!!! Bring me to Paris!!!

  2. What do you know, a comment from the Puffin!! Wow, I feel so special now.

    Come on over, Puffin, me and the Parisian food are waiting for ys!!