Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fast & Fresh Burrito Deli - Brooklyn

Diamond in the Rough
I should have my food blogging license revoked since I've walked by this place for years and didn't once poke my head in.  In my defense, all outward appearances suggest it's your typical NYC deli/bodega - the kind that you find on almost every block.  Little did I know that Fast & Fresh Burrito slings some of the tastiest tacos outside of Sunset Park.
We chose the three tacos for $6 deal, all pork: carnitas, al pastor and al carbon.  After 5 years in Southern California an a once near-fluency in Spanish, you think I'd know the difference between these three types but I can never remember.  I looked it up and found a good article here.  They came double-wrapped in corn tortillas, were loaded with guacamole, salsa verde, cilantro and onion.  The first bite transported me right back to undergrad, to Roberto's in Del Mar, California.  Absolutely delicious - packed with taste at the right combination, no one flavor outshining the other.
We sat at a communal table in their large, no-frills backyard.  You could easily host a pack of friends back here and snack on cheap Mexican food and beer while taking in some rays.  If I had any friends I would do just that!  I can see myself coming back here often - their menu is loaded with burritos, tortas, cemitas and quesadillas not to mention freshly made watermelon juice.
If the line is too long at Mile End or you are simply embarrassed by recent trips to lame places like Pacifico or Lobo, take the short walk over to Fast and Fresh Burrito Deli.  You won't be disappointed.
84 Hoyt St
Boerum Hill

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  1. Yummy yummy yummy... I can still taste it in my mind.

    The fatty juicy pork with fresh salsa verde... I miss it already. Why didn't we go back for seconds?

  2. @Dodo - Why didn't we go back for seconds? What is this "we" you're referring to? How do you know I didn't go back on Sunday.... Waahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Awesome. I tried this place at the beginning of the year and was kicking myself for ignoring it for the previous 5! I'm a fan of the tostadas.

    Most of my friends are sketched out of the place, even though I tell them that the kitchen is pristine...

  4. @Sunilo - I agree. Haven't tried the tostadas yet but I surely will. Sounds like it's time for new friends? Sketchy about that place? Serious?