Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iris Cafe - Brooklyn

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Paris Posts... go to the best place on Earth - Iris Cafe. I dreamt about their breakfast all night, about the sticky buns, the coffee and the bacon. This little place has captured my attention like no other. They make food that's the culinary version of a sharp head-butt to the face or a punch in the stomach that knocks the wind out of you. The flavors are strong and memorable - there is no "suggestion" of this or "hint" of that.

After being away from Brooklyn for so long I feared it wouldn't live up to expectations. Silly boy. If anything, the sticky buns have improved. They're a bit smaller now but even tastier. The heavy dose of brown sugar and cinnamon had me closing my eyes with every bite. It's not a stretch to describe it as rapturous. The biscuit was as I remembered it: dense and delicious. I split it, slathered it with butter and raspberry preserves and downed a half before I caught myself and slowed down to enjoy the other one.

"Our lattes already have two shots in them" the new hire explained before the owner cut her off "He knows, he always gets a triple, go ahead and make it." One sip made me forget all the milky crap I'd drunk the past two months. Don't be fooled by the silly heart pattern, this was caffeine heroin. A rich, potent jet lag cure.

Afterwards, I took a walk through the leafy streets of Brooklyn Heights. It's beauty without the hype: I'd stack it up against any neighborhood in the world. Every step brought me happiness and even better, a bit more swagger. You can take the man out of Brooklyn, but.........

20 Columbia Place

Brooklyn Heights

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  1. Nice to know that everything is still how it is or even better... I miss the breakfast experience from Iris all the time... can't wait to go back for more of their daily fresh baked goodies!

  2. @Dodo - no comment about the Kid getting back his swagger? What a waste...

  3. does this mean that when you come here for christmas, i get many many sticky buns from iris? >< i loveeeeeee sticky buns!!!

  4. @Silly - nope, sorry, these delicious little gems don't travel. Besides, there's a 3-week Paris trip between NY and Sing. Looks like you'll have to take a trip to Brooklyn, huh?