Thursday, October 23, 2008

Despaña - Manhattan

Not Your Run of the Mill Ham & Cheese
I went to Despaña to look for churros (cinnamon-sugared drumstick donuts) to find out they're only sold frozen. Just as I was spiraling into grumpy-mode, I noticed a small kitchen in the rear and shuffled over to inspect. A quick scan of the sandwich list on the counter struck gold: chorizo and manchego. In other words, Puff, good old ham and cheese, but many links higher on the food chain. Chorizo is a pork sausage that includes paprika, giving it the red glow.

It arrived hot, with the manchego oozing from the sides, the toasted bread warm to the touch. The crunchy first bite was so dizzyingly good, I jumped back to the counter to re-read the ingredients. Did I forget to mention the drizzling of extra-virgin olive oil that brought all the flavors together? Imagine me sitting alone at the tiny, four-stool table slowly savoring each bite, chewing deliberately to get maximum flavor, dabbing my mouth with a napkin from time to time.

Now, for the reality: wolf attacks lil piglet, shards and crumbs flying, cheese dripping, growls echoing throughout the store. Why is everyone staring at me? Why is the counterman grabbing for that broom?


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  1. Ok.. this is definitely a must go. It's LOUD and CLEAR in your write up that you LOVE this.

    I remember you being extremely fussy about your ham so if you say this is good, I am sure it's reeeaaalll good. Add it on!

  2. Oh Yeah!!! I loved it. Could you tell, Puffin??

  3. Nice! I suspect this is far tastier than any ordinary "ham and cheese" sandwich. :)