Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prune - Manhattan

What Kind of Restaurant Name is Prune?
No, prunes are not their specialty and they aren't served in any dish. Strange name or not, this is a cozy place whose lunch menu of "New American" dishes doesn't lack ambition. The choices, though few, were so equally enticing that I had a hard time choosing. To start, a barley and oxtail soup. Weighted by the expectation of a West Indian oxtail stew, I found it to be too mild, as unfair as the comparison is.

Next up, a sandwich of bacon and orange marmalade on pumpernickel toast. Yes, you read that correctly. A combination so bewildering that after the first couple of bites I still wasn't sure what I thought about it. The ambivalence lasted until it was gone, which didn't take very long. Upon reflection, I think I liked it.
To round it off, raspberries and cream huddled under a sugar cookie awning. Simple, tasty and satisyfing.

54 East 1st St

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  1. Barley and oxtail soup.. a negative for me!

    Bacon and orange marmalade... another negative... remember the peanut butter, chocolate and banana combi I had at the Peanut Butter place? Lesson that day was not all mix and match works?

    Rasberries and cream... this I can handle :)

  2. Sometimes you just gotta try it to see. No regrets.

    This place gets the most press for their brunch, we'll have to check it out.