Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Banh Cuon Nong - Hanoi

Diving Into the Street Food Scene
You know how someone you love makes you better? That's Puffin. I do stuff with her that I wouldn't do by myself. Case in point - we were walking around Hanoi last night looking for food and she saw a street vendor making something unknown. Check it out. After she watched, Puffin said "that stuff looks good, come on."

We asked around later and discovered this was Banh Cuon, best described as a minced pork and mushroom crepe. The topping was fried garlic and dried shrimp, we believe. This was very tasty - it came with a side sauce. I attacked first by grabbing up a chunk, dipping it in the sauce and re-dipping in the topping.

The ladies that worked there charged us the going rate - 15,000 Dong, which works out to around 80 cents American. The best deal for flavor I've gotten yet.

14 Bao Khanh St
Hanoi, Vietnam

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  1. I remember your story of promising your workmate's mother in India that you would not eat food from a street vendor: you did & paid a small price. Hope this time turns out better. :-)

  2. @Sal - turned out great. No issues whatsoever.