Friday, October 24, 2008

Cart Guy at 26th & Madison - Manhattan

Friday is Danish Day!
I know, I know - Friday is supposed to be Donut Day. I've been chomping my way through the Serious Eats donut list and needed a break. I went old-school this morning and hit up my favorite cart guy for a pecan danish. If you live in NYC, you know this type of cart guy. He always has a 20-person line at his cart but has your usual order ready without your saying a word. But if you skip his cart for a week, this type of cart guy also says something like "I thought you died!" or "I guess you like that crap McDonald's coffee more than mine, huh?"

I hadn't been to his cart for over two weeks! I looked at my shoe tops, mumbling something about having to travel for work lately, not half-believing the lie. He stared hard at me as he tossed the bag across. "NEXT in line, please step up!"

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