Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shopsin's General Store

I Ain't Afraid of Kenny, or His Sliders!
This one is so deep - I cannot do it justice. We're talking about a NY institution, manned by a true NY character - a chef who has his own documentary. I didn't know much about the place or the man until recently, I read up on both in only the last few weeks. If you believe what you read, you should expect a visit to Shopsin's to include being cursed out, yelled at, thrown out or worse. You should also expect some good food. Just look at the menu!

Shopsin's current incarnation is a small corner of the Essex Market on the Lower East Side. Kinda like a glorified stall.

Got this photo here.

I was there specifically for the sliders, a foodstuff with all the food groups you'll ever need. I didn't expect to see the man himself, but there he was, Kenny Shopsin, sitting in a chair near the entrance. I was looking around nervously as he checked me out. "You coming in buddy?", he asked in a friendly voice. No beat skipped - "Only if you got sliders in here." "Come in, sit down. Zack! Throw some sliders on." I later learned that Zack is one of his sons. There were a few customers scattered around - I chose a table out in the market hall, far from Kenny. Ok, to be honest, I was a bit apprehensive - how am I gonna take a photo without his noticing? When the sliders arrived, I no longer cared. I had to get a shot. Please click on the photo and get a close-up look.

Tender, direct, unadorned beef. A perfect blend of meat, cheese, onion and bun. I scarfed all three down within minutes. If you are a doubting Buddhist, pondering trying beef for the first time, this ain't a bad plate to start with.
120 Essex St
Map it!

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  1. The first time I read this post, I didn't click on the photo.. so this time round I did as the Gorilla says.. and boy.. it does look very very yummy!

    So this is gonna be on the list for the November NY Food Trail?

  2. Hey.. and where is the picture of the Gorilla??