Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Nouilles - Paris

A Re-Visit for Some of Them There Spicy Noodles
I originally went to Happy Nouilles back in February looking for Jia Zhiang Mian but didn't find any. Not sure how I was expecting to find it by reading a menu written in Chinese and French. I coulda asked, right? I'm kinda shy at times - especially in Mandarin and French. So, I had something else and enjoyed it. Thank goodness for the internet - cuz along comes a young lady named "little-chan" who read my post and let me know they make it, you just have to ask - it's not on the menu. So, back I went today - asked for it in my shaky Mandarin and BOOM - a torrent of Mandarin back at me. Whoa there, lady! Let's go back to less shaky French....

The chef/waitress remembered me from my last visit, as soon as I took out my camera we went through the same conversation. She asked if I were writing an article and I replied no, just a picture for my girlfriend. She then let me know that she read my last article and thanked me for it. Damn, busted!! She has nothing to worry about because their Jia Zhiang Mian is off the charts good. It's spicy, hearty, tender, sweat-inducing and ultimately for me - a nap creator. I was so filled and sleepy after this meal that I went home and took an afternoon nap. This giant bowl of noodles and a beer only set me back 9 Euros. That is WAY cheap in this overpriced city.
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Exact words to me were.. "It's frigging GOOD"... It's not everyday or every week that my babe dish out such compliments.

    But.. still gotto try it for myself :)

  2. It was friggin GOOD, Pingle! I really, really loved it. Spicy, filling, really good.