Thursday, November 18, 2010

Xi'an Famous Foods - Manhattan

Game, Set, Match!
You're unlikely to find a tastier, more satisfying batch of noodles than those served at Xi-an Famous Foods.  I was dumbstruck when I took my first bite of their "Savory Cumin Lamb Hand-Pulled Noodles."  I didn't think something could be this delicious.  These are giant, flat, ragged, hand torn noodles that you might not associate with Chinese cuisine, but alas, China is a big place.  Xi'an presents food from Shaanxi province in northwestern China.  Their noodles are spicier, heartier and more delicious than any I've ever had.
Apparently Shaanxi has two types of weather: bloody hot and numbing cold.  I can envision tucking into a plate of these noodles in the winter.  Mixed in were healthy portions of spring onion, sprouts and spicy shredded lamb that made my eyes water and nose run.  This is not a light meal - it made me immediately sleepy and kept me full until I went to bed - I didn't even consider dinner.
Don't wear any fancy clothes, there is no way to eat this and stay clean.  When I was done, I looked like a wolf who'd just torn a lamb to bits.  I had juice all over my face and hands.
The anti-dope food pictorials hanging on the wall were a great help. I perused all the things I will come back to try like "Spicy and Tingly Beef Noodles" and "Concubine's Chicken Noodles."  Why does a concubine own a chicken?  I don't know, I gotta see what it tastes like though.

81 St. Marks Pl
East Village
(and other locations in Chinatown and Flushing)

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  1. I can't believe this place is off-the-hook-good! I have walked by this place 1000 times and thought no way those plates are good for $6-8. it's officially on the list now.

  2. @Niko - you're wrong, this place is flat out good, I will be going back for the tingly beef noodles soon.

  3. ahhh! YUM YUM!!!

    thanks for the comments FN! i porb wont be writing anytime soon tho.. ny has plenty of talented food bloggers! maybe if i go back to asia...!

  4. @Sandy - don't be like that!! Put your two cents out there.

  5. @Sandy - gosh, golly, geez - now I'm all humbled and stuff.... (Ok, now ummmmm, go eat something and do a post, homie.)