Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Onya - Manhattan

Delicious Midtown Udon
Puffin is perfect so far during this NY trip, she's picked out the last three places. My status is slipping after bad meals at Minca Ramen and Shake Shack (OVER-RATE-ED, clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.) This may be the best of her picks - a Japanese noodle spot in Midtown, not far from Grand Central where the Udon is made fresh. If you're thinking to yourself "I'm not much of an Udon fan" then you definitely should go to Onya to have your mind changed.

Puffin got the tempura Udon shown above, which was a more typical version compared to mine below. I think I lucked out - this could be the absolute best choice on the menu. A hot version with beef, shrimp and grated yam. The broth was deep and rich and the noodles tender. I got a half-order which is a nice feature for people like me who are accused of eating like a "bird." I ain't never seen no bird with a mini-gut and double-chin......

Puffin soldiered through her choice though I noticed a tinge of jealousy as I mmmm'd and slurped through mine.

The tamago somewhat softened the blow for her. They were very tender and sweet - I could eat a whole plate of this no prob.

The fried chicken was unremarkable - I wouldn't order this again.
Extra points for the glass roof over the dining room. It's been rainy and miserable here the past few days but at least a bit of natural light was able to shine through.

143 E. 47th St

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  1. I am definitely glad I got hungry while you were around that corner... this is a lucky pick and a great one! Yeah ME!

    Your udon was definitely way more savory than mine. I don't like the grated yam aka tororo though - looks too much like spit (ok.. doesn't sound right but that's what it looks like). Yaya.. I know, I know.. am too close minded. =P

  2. Oh yeah, we're going back to Onya for lunch today. Openmindedness should make me get something else, but nope, getting the Tamago and the same Udon as before!! NOODLES IN THE HOUSE!!