Friday, June 12, 2009

Morry's - Paris

Is a Bagel Still a Bagel If it's Made in Paris?
It depends. If you're a tourist from NY visiting Paris for a week, the answer is "no." If you've moved to Paris from NY, have been here a while and are looking to squelch the home sickness, then the answer if "yes." Morry's is a shop that mainly sells bagel sandwiches and offers a range of bagels and fillings. It happens to be a short walk from my job in the Bastille and when I discovered it, I was feeling kinda low and it picked me right up.

The tiny shop is standing room only and operates with an efficiency that is rare in Paris. Pick your bagel (everything, onion, etc.) and then the filling (cream cheese, turkey, cheese, salmon, etc.) and they quickly throw it into a panini press, fill it and you're on your way.

My first time in I kept it simple and ordered a "Wall Street" on an everything bagel, which is simply Philly cream cheese as the filling. (Side note: "Wall Street" is not a bad phrase over here yet, you even see ads on how you can learn to speak "Wall Street English.) Is it overpriced at 3 Euros? Sure is. Is it like the ones you get in NY? Nope - the bagel lacks the chewy crust and tender belly. Does it hit the spot? Damn sure does - I was so happy eating this. I even went one step futher and paired it with a Tall Americano coffee from Starbucks. Yep, I sold out without a hint of shame and will do so again soon. Especially if I am feeling a bit down.
11th Arondissement

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  1. No bagel for me in Paris... you are on your own babe!!

    Don't be depressed.. I am coming to join you soon! We can have fun together again :)

  2. No bagel? Hang on - weren't you the one who kept going to Chinatown a few months into your NY visit? You can relate, right?

  3. Ha ! Just defrosted another few bagels from the freezer here in Zurich today. Brought em back from NYC of course. Morry's - Murray's ?! Not quite the same thing. But I hear ya, when you need that fix. I'll be curious to try one out on my next visit to Paris. Efficient did you say? Wow. Do they even speak English too ?! ;)

  4. @Kerrin - they do the trick when you are really hankering for one. No, no English that I can tell - I always speak broken French when I'm in there.