Monday, May 24, 2010

Tai Cheong Bakery - Hong Kong

Egg Custard Tarts - So Good, they Gotta Be Bad...
Wow! That is all I can say. These little suckers are truly addictive. I've had three or four since I arrived. Luckily for me I'm close to a branch of the famous Tai Cheong bakery, where I can load up whenever I feel like it. They're deceptively simple: eggs, sugar, evaporated milk and a bit of vanilla baked in a flour-based pie shell. They're best eaten right out of the oven - you can barely pick them up without their breaking into pieces.

The story floating on the internet is that the last Brit to run HK, Christopher Patton, named these as the best in HK - and he seems to have a lot of company. I don't know if they're the best, but I can tell you this - if you ever visit HK, make sure you try these. Pair em up with a nice milk-tea and you're good to go.

50 Jardine's Bazaar
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

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  1. YEA!!! you've gotta get me a box of those when you guys come back! please???? i'll treat you to ice cream when the ice cream man comes around!

  2. @Pesky - no prob, I got ya covered. Gonna get a box for your Aunt too.

  3. Did you tell my aunt and sis that their box of egg tarts was fresh out of the oven... like literally fresh out of the oven. Yummmmzzz...

  4. @Puffin - yep, I wanted to steal 2 or 3 from the box while they were still warm. I thought about it a few times....