Thursday, June 25, 2009

Schwartz's - Paris

Just Say No to Fake New Yorkery...
Pingle and I were walking in the Marais near rue de Rosiers when we got caught out in a pretty big downpour. We looked around for somewhere to duck outta the rain and settled on the nearest thing - Schwartz's. It's trying to be a NY Jewish deli, unfortunately way too hard. Pictures of John Gotti and Frank Sinatra on the wall are just some of the "over the topness" that good food could have made up for. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Pingle got a hot dog and fries that looked really good on the plate. I took a bite and simply told her "I'll take you to get a real dog next week in NY." Just imagine - this dog and fries cost close to 15 bucks!

I got a salmon club sandwich. I know, I know - not really a NY thing - I should have gone with the reuben, problem is - we're in Paris and I simply don't trust them with a reuben. The sandwich was ok, nothing amazing. The only saving grace were the fries - they were v-cut and really nicely done. Crispy on the outside with a nice trough for scooping up kethup.

So much promise from the outside. Pingle - we'll go to Katz's next week in NY!

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  1. So much for Katz... it's already Thurs and we are leaving for Paris on Sun. So much for Katz...

    Snarkiness aside... fries were fries-cilicious!

  2. No faith, Dodo! I took you to HEID'S, which is way better!