Sunday, September 12, 2010

Koon Kee - Singapore

Garage Farewell Dinner
As midnight approaches I realize how Cinderella must have felt. It's time to head back to Paris but I don't want to, I'd rather stay here with Dodo. We spent our last meal at Koon Kee where I was on the prowl for Beef Hor Fun, described to me as beef stew with flat noodles. Who coulda guessed that the prawn-paste fried chicken and the decor would steal the show.

Think about it - fried chicken with a golden coating made from ground prawns and flour. It was so crispy and tasted unlike any other fried chicken. First time I've had it and I'm looking forward to other versions when I return to Singapore. Sitting in Koon Kee felt like sitting inside someone's garage in the 1970's. The bric-a-brac was awesome: pictures of pinup girls, old vespa scooters parked here and there, a television that looked like an astronaut's helmet. The front is open to the street, as if they'd lifted up the garage door.

I stared and stared and got up and walked around to inspect all the stuff. The old fridge was great - it was loaded with magnets. I also liked the photos of VW beetles dating back to the 60's. The place has a great vibe - I've not seen one like it in Singapore.

Dodo's mom, aunt, uncle and sis were along so the dishes were flying left and right. I didn't try the fried fish with bitter gourd and black beans but they cleaned it out quickly so I assume it was good.

This is a shot of someone attacking the stack of crispy dou fu. I managed to snag two of these and was glad I did - I like them a lot. I think that frying them brings out the flavor.

After downing a few pieces of the prawn-paste chicken I'd all but forgotten the Beef Hor Fun. It deserves some print, it was pretty good. It's a deceptively simple dish of beef, flat noodes and a delicious gravy. Don't wear any good clothes, though, it tends to spray. I'd already changed into my airplane outfit, a combination of sweats and a nine year-old tee shirt. Goodbye Singapore, I'll miss you, all the great food, the hot weather and the sunshine. Most of all, I'll miss you Dodo. Hurry up and come see me soon, babe.

66 Yio Chu Kang Rd

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  1. bonsoir !
    I understand how unwilling you are to head back paris!! Me I cried like hell every time in Changi airport
    Paris is still warm now, and i am so looking forward to your puff list updated in Paris, because I am following your food print =p

  2. Well, my sis thinks the red wine chicken deep fried is more flavorful so we gotto try that next.

    I wish I could go visit soon too.. in fact right now if I had a choice!

  3. @我以為是我 - don't follow too closely in my food print or you'll end up with a double chin like me!

  4. @Dodo - I will add the red wine chicken to my Sing food to-do list. Since you're not in Paris with me I'll have to write-up as many spots as I can find to entice ya over... Wahahahahahahhahaa (evil food laugh.)