Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farm House - Hong Kong

Knowing Someone Who Owns Something, etc.
Puffin's colleague's uncle owns this place, a Cantonese classy restaurant with a special meal that really got me excited. It doesn't look like much does it? A chicken drumstick with a bit of tin foil so your fingers don't get greasy. But, hang on, it's not all about skin-deep beauty, there is something special on the inside....

....it's stuffed with glutinous rice. Somehow, they remove the bone, load it up with the rice, close it up and deep-fry it. It was good, not excellent. The novelty was nice but I don't think it's something that would keep me coming back again and again. Now, if I happen to be in this restaurant again, I would order it, however.

This would get me to come back. Yep, pork. Pork ribs to be specific. They were so tender that they shred with the slightest touch. Moist beyond belief.

I liked Puffin's sweet and sour pork too. Coming from NY, this seems like such a tacky dish - like the thing that someone who doesn't know what they're doing would order. So, when my girfriend (who does know what she's doing) ordered it, it took on a new feel. It seemed like every morsel of pork had a nice chunk of fat in it, something that we in the biz call "slamming!"

We arrived super-early, like 6pm, which is way too early. This is one of those spots where there are well-dressed waiters and captains and floor managers staring at you as you eat, watching your every move so they can jump in to offer assistance and service. It was like being under a microscope - they all seemed interested in figuring us out. Rich American with his Thai gal-pal out for a night of "gf experience?" Colleagues celebrating a banking deal over a good meal? Singapore cutie and her ugly American boyfriend? We left em guessing, that's half the fun.

AIA Plaza, 18 Hysan Avenue
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

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  1. The chicken is still my first love.. then comes the sweet and sour pork. Best sweet and sour pork in the world - every piece is crisp and with enough fat in it.. wahahaha.. I LOVE!

  2. @Puffin: I would rank it: pork ribs, sweet/sour pork then the glutinous chicken.