Monday, June 11, 2012

Cheok Kee Braised Duck Rice - Singapore

Laziness, Personified
I recently quit my job, pulled stakes in Paris and settled in Singapore.  I tell myself I'm in early retirement and will repeat it like a mantra until my money runs out.  With little to worry about I anticipated a blog creativity burst that never arrived. Rather, I've become lazier.  I can easily pass a day without doing a whole lot.  For hours I ponder deep questions such as "should I swim before dinner or after?"   Then I stumbled into Cheok Kee, where they take the bones out of the duck for you.  These are the types of incremental improvements that can jolt a listless retiree back into the blogosphere.

It comes smothered in a hearty sauce to which I mixed in some of their fragrant chili.  I impatiently dug in while Dodo was off buying drinks.

The slices of duck were super tender and with no bones to slow me down I ploughed through greedily.  As my stomach filled my thoughts turned towards the afternoon nap.  A good lunch sends me down to REM level three.
If you're lazy like I am, you should visit Cheok Kee.  Just make sure you bring someone to wait in line for you.
69 Geylang Bahru
Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre

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  1. what a bold move to quit your job and settle in SG! I wish I could do the same!

    1. You can do the same, it's easy. Just be crazy like me and then act brave...

  2. So how's the easy life in Singapore? Playing a lot of golf?

  3. The easy life is well named.