Friday, March 12, 2010

Shan Goût - Paris

One Foot in China, the Other in France
As suggested by its name, a melding of Chinese and French that could be translated "Tasty Meal", Shan Goût is a fusion of two cuisines. I'd describe it as de-fanged Sichuan with a French accent. Case in point the Dan Dan noodles, which had a pleasingly tender texture but lacked bite. I had to adjust my expectations, this is neither a Sichuan nor a Chinese restaurant. Once I did, I began to enjoy it more.

The shredded beef with ginger was almost too pretty to fork. It was tender, with a gentle suggestion of ginger. I enjoyed it and even finished off the carved carrot flowers.
The caramelized pork with sesame could have been incredible, but it was slightly overcooked for my taste. I wanted it to be soft and fatty but it was crunchy - like it was left in the wok a bit too long. No complaints about the taste however, it was a good mix of sweet and savory.
Reservations are a must, this is a small place the seats about 20. I liked the open kitchen, with the chef cooking furiously next to the diners.

However, it can get a bit stuffy and smoky as a result. Bottom-line, I enjoyed it for what it was. If you're looking for more authentic Chinese in Paris, I'd recommend: Chez Xu, Les Pates Vivantes or Happy Nouilles.

Can someone help me translate the sign, please? Puffin?
12th Arondissement

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  1. It's 膳湯 shan tang! Heh, gf was a lil sleepy and think i kinda misunderstood her earlier. Shan -> meal, tang -> soup, so basically they provide both meals and soup. That's what she said

  2. @Pesky - cool, thanks for the translation. It is confusing - in their name they use both Pinyin and French so I am only guessing at that translation too.