Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Nouilles - Paris

Local Hand-Pulled Noodles
I recently moved into a new apartment in Paris and was happy to stumble into a Chinese noodle shop close by. The chef was spinning noodles in the front window, pulling me into the shop like a magnet.

I was hoping to see Zhia Jiang Mian on the menu but didn't. Neverthless, there were plenty of enticing choices. I made mine a Sichuan beef noodle soup, whose steamy arrival immediately wrung the chill from the air.

The waitress engaged me in a conversation about my picture taking. Was I writing a review, she wanted to know? No, nothing like that, just photos for my girlfriend from Singapore. Satisfied, she greeted some arriving customers and I got back to the business of inhaling the noodles. They were fresh and slightly al dente, a texture I prefer. I expected it to be very spicy but it wasn't. I would've liked it a tad spicier. Nevertheless, it was gone within 5 minutes and I was quite happy at the end.

95, rue Beaubourg
3rd Arondissement

Making Sichuan Noodles - A Demo

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  1. Sure looks skilled babe... so which of the 2 noodle shops that you have since tried in Paris is better?

    Which one? Huh? Which one do I get to try?

  2. I am going to go back for a visit to Les Pates Vivantes for Jia Zhiang Mian (this week?) and then I will let you know.

    I think Les Pates Vivantes is better, but I am comparing apples and oranges since Happy Nouilles don't serve Jia Zhiang Mian.

  3. Happy Nouilles does serve Jia Zhiang Mian - my bf ordered it last weekend, you have to ask for it as its not on the menu! :)

  4. @little-chan - thanks for the comment, that is great to know. I will definitely go back and get that - it's my favorite.

  5. how expensive is this place? I'm guessing they don't have a website...

  6. @Travelers Pen - it's not too expensive, especially from a Paris perspective.

    Check their site:

  7. Number 1 Noodle shop is the best ever with its "din din" Famous as a cure for the US to Paris jet lag. Wish to god I could find "din din" in Atlanta!

  8. @Daddy D - where is Number 1 Noodle shop? I like Dan Dan noodles, I'd like to check it out.

  9. @Daddy D - as chance would have it, I was on rue St. Anne today and stumbled into Number 1 Noodle shop. I've seen the place before and even noted that it had Dan Dan noodles but haven't been there. It wasn't open today, but it's on my radar now. Pingles - it's the place on the corner, across from Kunitoraya, remember?

  10. Thats the place for sure! On the lower end of rue St. Anne if coming from the direction of Les Hales. Does anyone have any idea of how to order it in the US? Is it pork based? Chinese or Viet? It looks nothing like the pic on this site. Rich, heavy and spicy....perfect for a cold winter day. Or jet lag!
    Daddy D

  11. PS- it was closed on my first try also....LOL But so happy that I went back. And it was "din din" there not dan dan.

  12. @Daddy D - they're Chinese, from Sichuan province. Just go into a Chinese place and say "Yo may yo dan dan mee-ann?" That is a phonetic spelling for "Do you have dan dan noodles?" If you hear "may yo" then they don't have em.... Good luck. I'll be heading over to Noodle No 1 tonight!

  13. I tried din din and dan dan at my local Sichuan place luck. Now I have the magic words! Cold and snow in I was really wanting some. Lucky you, a perfect meal sans jet lag. Give a full report and the recipe...please!

  14. Look what I found...
    dandan mein fix for the week. It's like crack, only more fatty and artery clogging and delicious. And cheaper. Priced at $3.65, this bowl was pure bliss. Hot boiled noodles - soft, the way I like them. At the bottom of the bowl rests a thick peanut butter based mixture with peppercorns, garlic, vinegar, brown sugar, shoyu, and sesame oil. The noodles were layered right on top followed by seasoned ground pork and green onions.
    That's it!