Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cindy - Singapore

Settling into the East Coast
When in Singapore, I usually stay in Serangoon but this time around I'm staying in the East Coast.  Not a great location for trains, so I'm figuring out all the bus routes but what an amazingly good location for food!  One of Dodo's friends took me to the LC hawker on Tanjong Katong Rd and there I discovered my dinner soul mate: kung pao chicken from a stall called Cindy.  It was spicy, artery-clogging love at first bite!
The LC hawker is a pretty typical one from my experience.  Open to the street, fans working overtime to swirl the night heat, tables of guys watching English soccer on large flat screen tvs, beer girls offering 40 ouncers, families eating quietly.  I love hawkers, they fit me perfectly.  I want to eat whenever I want and have lots of choices.  Such a nice change from the Frenchie rigidity of lunch between noon and 2pm and dinner starting at 8pm.  Speaking of which, I'm working Frenchie hours while in Singapore - 3pm to midnight, so this was lunch, kinda-sorta, I guess.  I haven't figured it out yet to be honest.
Ok, back to my kung pao.  It's a Sichuan dish that comes loaded with chilies which I tried to navigate.  I bit into one by mistake and it felt like someone sucked all the air and water out of my body.  I tried to swallow but nothing happened and then I realized my lungs weren't working either.  I didn't notice everyone staring at me until I was wiping away my tears.  Damned good!  Cindy throws in a runny fried egg to boot.  I mixed the yolk and the soy sauce and didn't display any kind of table manners while eating.  I think I was groaning and mumbling to myself a lot.
Dodo was making fun of me.  "Babe, this dish you can get anywhere in Singapore."  Yeah, ok, whatever.  I don't need to go all over Singapore, I know where Cindy is.  I also know that the number 10 and 32 buses will drop me off right in front.
LC Food Centre
369 Tanjong Katong Rd

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  1. I have no complains abt food at Cindy... Am no expert at kung pao style so what do I know right? Maybe we can ask over Sat bkf with the food experts :)

  2. @Puff Again - I don't need no experts to help me out on this one. It simply tastes slamming and I am gonna eat it a LOT.