Sunday, May 23, 2010

Se Wong Yee - Hong Kong

Snake Soup and Liver Sausages Anyone?
I was promised roast goose, was hoping for roast goose and had a taste for roast goose. So, when we arrived and I learned that Se Wong Yee's signature dish is snake soup I felt torn. Not because I like snake soup but because I've never had it. Haven't had roast goose either. Coin toss! Ok, actually, it wasn't that close - I went for the goose. Sorry folks. I think I made the right choice, tastebuds-wise.

Sorry fella, but don't worry, I didn't waste a single shred. I don't think I've had anything that is so tender and fatty and delicious as this. I've watched those Christmas movies where the hero comes home for dinner with a goose and all the kids run around excited. Now I know why. The skin crackles with each bite and there is a rush of smooth, intense oily fat. The meat is so tender that you don't even feel it against your teeth. There was an immediate reordering of the mental bird scale, this is now number one. Perhaps duck is next and turkey's at the bottom.

This is an old-school HK type of spot. Busy, low-frills interior with shared tables. You get about 12 seconds to look at the menu and then POW, the old waiter is there barking at you for your order. Check out the liver sausages hanging on the wall.

24 Percival St
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

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  1. I don't think u even spent a second considering between snake soup and roast goose.

    U didn't mention abt the me sacrificing a fatty, juicy piece of skin for u... Wanna have this again before we leave??

  2. @Puffin - I actually considered it for half a second. Doubt it would have been as tasty as goose, but who knows...