Friday, September 30, 2011

Hisago - Kyoto

Going Against the Crowd (Us Usual)
Visiting the famous temples in Kyoto nourishes the spirit but not the body.  Using a Japanese food guide as our bible we made our way to Hisago (ひさご) to try their famous Oyakodon.  We, as in her.  I went against the norm - every single person there was ordering, waiting for or eating Oyakodon.  I thumbed my nose at them all and chose the cha soba, cold buckwheat noodles zapped with green tea.
I was right of course.  She wouldn't admit it then and she probably won't admit it now.  Oyakodon is a play on words.  It means "parent-child bowl" and refers to the fact that is has both chicken and egg.  They're simmered together with onion in a dashi broth or chicken stock and then poured on top of rice.  I wasn't bowled over by it (sorry for the pun.)  It was a bit bland for my buds.
A variety of pickles kept us company until the main dishes arrived.
I've really grown to like pickled things.  I never would've imagined that growing up.  We used to make pickled everything and store it in our basement and only my mom and dad would eat them.  I wish I could try those now with my grown-up tongue.
This is my favorite shot - a bunch of wooden toothpicks.  They are so superbly crafted for something you jam between your teeth and then toss out.
There was still a line waiting to get in when we left.  I guarantee you every one of them ordered the Oyakodon.

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  1. @Anon - tks. Sometimes they come out well and other times they don't. I wish I knew why. I need to take a photography class!