Friday, May 21, 2010

Tasty (IFC) Congee & Noodle Wontun Shop - Hong Kong

The HK Welcome Lunch
One of the nice things about being in Asia is not having to select or order food. Unlike Paris, where I have to translate and describe the menu, here in Hong Kong I lay back in the cut like a mafia don and have the Puffin take care of everything. Oh, and if I keep eating like I've been, I am going to be fat like a mafia don soon. Anyway, I will worry about that later, back to the food. I'd not tried Zha Liang before but man am I a convert! It's a fried dough cruller wrapped with wonton skin and dipped in soy sauce. A really nice contrast in texture and an instant "add to my global favorite food list."

I was excited, but less so, about the beef brisket wonton. It wasn't bad, just not punch me in the eye good. The beef was tender and tasty but I found the wonton to be a bit tough, even after letting it soak in the broth a while.

Now I know radish cake comes in all sizes, textures and flavors. After becoming accustomed to the Singapore style, I wasn't so enamored with the gooey texture of the HK version. Puffin explained that this is the dim sum style, not the wok-fried style I eat in Singapore. Regardless, didn't like it.

Everyone seemed to be happy to be there. It was packed, with a crowd waiting to get in.

We had to wait ourselves. We took our ticket and watched the electronic numbers slowly change. A good start to the trip.

Level 3 - International Finance Centre Mall (IFC)
1 Harbour View Street
Hong Kong

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  1. I love radish cake! Gorilla and I ate at Maxim's at City Hall for yumcha and I was confused when they'd given us the steamed lo bak goh when I was expecting the pan fried ones until Gorilla explained that you can either steam it or pan fry it. I didn't mind the steamed version but pan fried is my fave.

    Btw, Gorilla has a food blog also, so check it out during your mental break at work ;)

  2. What happen to the spring roll? Unforgetable?

    I liked the fried dough with the roll.. it's not wonton skin but rice roll. The rice roll is very very thin so that makes this zha liang extremely pleasurable :)

  3. ((: the pesky lil sis wants a special review with the not-so-pleasant guy for breakfast tomorrow! is that possible? pleaseeeee pretty (?) please? and the to-die-for egg tarts!!!! ><

  4. I like Zha Liang too!Usually eat with congee!
    btw welcome to HK=] seeya tmrw
    *Puffin's little sister's gf (well...Joanne suggested me to use this title...= =)

  5. @Cewek, I couldn't agree more, pan-fried is the way to go.

  6. @Puffin - yep, spring roll so unforgettable I didn't even take a photo.

  7. @Pesky Lil Sis - he's known to me as the Racist Chinese Toast Man, not the "not-so-pleasant guy." If we go, it should be a good story.

  8. @Small J's GF, aka Pesky Lil Sis's GF - it was nice to meet you, thanks for laughing at me, I mean umm, laughing with me....