Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mirama - Paris

Cantonese in St. Michel
Just returned from two weeks in SE Asia and am not quite ready for the French diet. So, how about a bit of Cantonese in the city of lights? Mirama is a small, no frills restaurant in the 5th, just a few steps from Notre Dame. I try to avoid this area like I would a Jehovah Witness ringing my doorbell. However, a Chimerican colleague recommended the place for its duck so I fetched my eurotrash scarf and my bus pass and jumped on the 47.

I immediately got a good vibe when I arrived. Just me and a bunch of former Honkies (no, not white folks, people from Hong Kong.) I've listened to my girlfriend chatter in Cantonese enough to recognize it, I think. The wonton soup, above, was ok. I mean, it tasted like I expected - it's never exactly bursting with flavor. Not so the pork chunks - they were fatty, tender slices of heaven. I didn't even care about the famous duck - it was definitely overshadowed by the pork.

The place was packed and bustling. Bonus points for not being like a typical Paris restaurant and being open from 12 noon to 11pm, inclusive. The menu is pretty extensive, so if you're in Paris and looking for Cantonese (I know, why would that be the case?) then you cannot go wrong at Mirama.

17 rue St-Jacques
5th Arondissement

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  1. Did you always like fatty pork so much?

  2. @Sal, yep. I've always loved fatty everything. Pork, steak, you name it! It's gonna be a delicious, short life.

  3. Babe... when do I chatter in Cantonese? Hmmm.. which gf u referring to??

    The soup doesn't call out at all.. but the duck and char siew rice sure does! Looks juicy...

  4. @Dodo - umm, every time you're on a conference call with Hong Kong, what are you chattering in? Avatar Navi? Hello?

  5. heh! i like this post! ((: go to more hong kong restaurants! :D and bring me along too!

  6. @Pesky - hmmmm, does it remind you of a certain someone, perhaps?