Sunday, January 1, 2012

Myeongdong Gyoja - Seoul

In Korea, they Replace the Z with a J
Not gyoza, but gyoja.  We heard this was the place to be for dumplings in Seoul.  Judging by the line and the fact that so many were willing to wait in it through bitter cold, I expected good things.  The place runs like an efficient assembly line.  You're given a table and a menu and they take you order and your money without leaving your side.  About three minutes later, ta-daaaaaaaaa.
Is it rude to say that there's a particular smell in the Seoul subway?  Not a good smell, not a bad smell, just particular.  It has to be the kimchi that everyone eats.  The Meyongdong Gyoja version was as good as any I tried.  Spicy, zesty, delicious. 
The gyoja were not bad either.  Not as excellent as the hype would have you expect but I'm not complaining.  The skin was almost translucent.  Garlic'ed to the rim, killing any and all future romance.
Others around us got the noodles.  This young lady reveled in every strand, raising each high to the ceiling before slurping it down loudly.
The complimentary breath mints were a nice touch.  We would've needed a bucket of these a piece to make a difference.
Back into the subway we went, adding to the underground Seoul funk.

Myeongryebang-gil 2-ga 25-2l

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  1. So glad you're back! Recent reader and I've missed these posts!

  2. @Recent Reader - thanks for the welcome back! I will try to post more regularly but I am am notoriously lazy.....

  3. you go to korea for 4 days and only one post? fail!!!

  4. @Pesky - you were lucky to get more than zero! Waahhhahahahahaha.

  5. I'm shamelessly glad my tactic worked! Looking forward to the next post (hint, hint)! :)

  6. @Anon - ok, you were right, I needed a bit of a push....

  7. Ps I can't tell you how much your Paris posts have helped me as a temporary NYC transplant!! Thanks a million.

    -Recent reader

  8. Even though the garlicky smell in the place was overwhelming... Gyoja was yummy with thin skin.... And noodles was smooth too.... nicey nicey! When we going back to Seoul again babe?

  9. @Anon - glad to hear it's temporary. Paris has its charms but NYC is the place to be.

  10. @Puff Speaks - Garlic was kicking in there, man! I wouldn't mind going back either in the spring or fall, NOT the winter again. Them days are over, homie.