Sunday, June 14, 2009

Le Comptoir des Archives - Paris

Great People-Watching, Newspaper Included
There's nothing remarkable about the food or coffee here, but there's one huge plus. They have newspapers for sale - you grab one, read it while eating/drinking and they add it to your bill. This is ground-breaking for a person on an expense account - it means you have only one annoying chit to submit when doing your expenses. Yep, it's official - I'm spoiled. I'm in France, living free of charge and I'm concerned about reducing my expense chits. Feel free to laugh at me and call me names.

However, even if you're not on an expense account, this place is pretty good for another reason: location. It's on a busy southwest corner in the 4th, where the sun washes over the outdoor seating and offers you some of the best people-watching around. In the summer they open the doors and a warm breeze flows through.

Last fall, I sat out a airline strike here with Pingle. We thought at the time that the dog belonged to this guy. Turns out, the dog belongs to the cafe, another plus if you like animals. With little effort, you can get the dog to befriend you. He'll jump up on the seat next to you and lean into you - your new best friend.
4th Arondissement

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  1. Hmmm.. if the number of post = how much I am loved... I am loved this week.. YEAH ME!!! Wahahahaha...

    And.. YES, YOU'RE SPOILT! Brat!!! Hahaha.. but I love the brat in you :)

  2. You are loved, posts or not, Dodo-Bird.


    Spoiled Brat

  3. Nah.. posts = love, no post = NO love!

  4. Something tells me I'm not gonna win this argument....