Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jalan Hock Chye - Singapore

No Brainer - It's Got "Economic" in Its Name
I'm a stingy bastard so by nature I get excited when I can eat well for next to nothing. One of my favorited dishes in Singapore is called Economic Bee Hoon. It's brilliant. It's a cheap man's dream - a tasty noodle dish that in its simplest form costs about 75 cents. As you add extras, like the fried egg and fish cake below, it gets a bit costlier - about 2 bucks. I'll type that again - two US dollars! I'm excited all over again - so cheap yet so delicious.

Today is Chinese New Year's Eve. We were at a market to pick up the pig, which you can see here. Today was the perfect application of the long-line rule. Go somewhere new, look for the long line, get in it, wait patiently and be rewarded. Obviously, Jalan Hock Chye's economic bee hoon is pretty sought after in these parts. I think I was 20th in line when I got in it.

Blk 105 Hougang Avenue 1

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  1. You've mentioned fish cakes a few times on this blog. Can you get crab cakes in Singapore, too?

  2. I haven't seen any Sal. Puffin thought and thought and thought about it and then finally said "I'm sure there is one somewhere, but not easily found."

  3. Sigh, when am I going to go to Singapore. 2 bucks for that. Damn.

  4. @Niko - this is a foodie paradise. Really good, cheap food available at any time of day.