Friday, March 25, 2011

Locanda Verde - Manhattan

The Out of Towners
A while back two of Dodo's friends visited NY for the first time.  One from Singapore, the other from Chi-town.  We took them to Locanda Verde for brunch.  It's pretty schwanks - chock full of bright-toothed model babes and well dressed enablers.  Cleary, with my broken mouth smile and day before yesterday's outfit, I wasn't enabling shit.  No worries, we weren't there to pose, we were there to stuff ourselves.  Besides, Locanda Verde is wasted on the slimmies - you gotta put down the iBaubles, roll up your sleeves and dive into their sumptuous high-post brunch.
Dodo scored well with her order of lemon ricotta pancakes.  They were light and perfectly cooked, with a fluffy interior.  It helps that lemon curd is kinda like Nutella to me - if you were to smother a live cricket in either I'd pop it into my mouth and chew happily.  No complaints about my scrambled on toast with a side of pig, but I could probably cook this up if I weren't so damned lazy.

Tops in their brunch pyramid, one step above the freshly made buns, breads and muffins (not pictured), are the crispy garlic potatoes.  They're zesty, crunchy grenades that I tossed mouthward with abandon.  With rearview mirror thinking, I should've paired these with the breads, a few cocktail chasers and a latte exclamation point.
377 Greenwich St

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  1. just wanted to say thanks for the continuing posts! i enjoy your commentary and especially the pictures :)

  2. @Yours - hey, thanks. It's nice to get comments, or rather, it's nice to get nice comments.

  3. Have to say.. this meal was some time back that I cannot recall how the food tasted.

    I did remember having fun as we had great company chatting and gossiping.. hehe :)

  4. @Puffin - are you getting so old that you forget so readily? Sad....