Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hill Country Chicken - Manhattan

Newcomer Bird vs. Popeyes
Every new fried chicken spot gets compared to Popeyes - that's how it works on this silly blog.  Why? Because this is the Puff List.  She'll ask is "is it better than Popeye's, babe?"  I still can't get over it - the little Singaporean chick loves Popeyes.  Will Hill Country Chicken come out on top?  Will Popeyes keep the crown?  It's the pseudo South against faux New Orleans.
Let's compare them one facet at a time.  First up, skin.  I got the "classic" which is reported to use a batter of buttermilk, saltines and seven spices, one of which I'm guessing is paprika.  Very tasty but not quite as crunchy as I would've liked.  I give the nod to Popeyes.  Number two, meat.  Hill Country doesn't disappoint - the meat is tender and juicy.  Popeyes is no slouch there though.  I'd call it a tie.  Next, biscuits.  Popeyes has the best biscuits, it's not even close.  The Hill Country biscuit was dry and lifeless, I didn't even finish it.
Hill Country wins the battle of the potatoes easily.  A bit unfair since Popeyes doesn't serve fries - so I'm comparing fries to mashed, but regardless - these Hill Country fries are damned good.  They taste like potatoes, real potatoes.  They're my preferred diameter, are cripsy, come with the skins intact and are spiced nicely.

Hill Country serves a variety of pies but sadly they were out of slices.  I had to settle for a 3 inch "pie cup" which is a nice way of saying "tiny as shit."  I got a coconut cream and as I nibbled on it I was wondering where the cream was.  Can anyone make a pie in this city?
As far as the scene goes, Hill Country takes it hands down.  It's hard to beat high ceilings and flood of natural light you get in a Flatiron building.  The decoration was fake country kitchen in a not-so-annoying way.  I don't think I've ever sat down in a Popeyes in my life.  Decor ain't their thing, I get the chicken and get out.
Last but not least, price.  Game over - Hill Country is ridiculously overpriced.  You pay for every little thing.  Chicken thigh, fork over $3.50.  Drumstick?  That will be another $2.25.  Biscuit - slide another buck over.  Wait, you want the micro-pie-cup?  That'll be another 3 smackers.  Shit, I felt like I was paying for the view - which ain't bad considering you get a mix of old and new NY buildings.  If you're price sensitive, stick with Popeyes.  If you're not, you may be more than happy with Hill Country.  Dodo, hurry up and get to NY so you can make the call.....

1123 Broadway

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  1. Nah.. from the looks of it, think I will stick with Popeyes. Probably that will be the first thing I have when I land.... YEAH ME!

  2. @Dodo - The Dopestinkle has spoken! Popeyes is the winner! Ummm, you didn't even try the other one..... Hello? Lady?