Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motorino - Manhattan

It Does Impress
As much hype as this pizza spot gets, I was surprised that it lived up to it. A few bites into the Soppressata Piccante I was unsure - until I hit one of the slices of salami. That's when it all came together - the airy, nicely burnt crust, the visible slices of garlic, the oregano....

This was one nice pizza - not your average fare. Puffin doesn't like pizza, she didn't really want to go when I brought up the idea - but here she was, chewing quietly with a surprised look on her face. Yes, sweetheart, this is how good pizza can be.

Extra credit for having Chinotto - an Italian citrus soft drink, that, let's say, is a required taste. I love the stuff and I'm sure someone else does... I think.....

The were a few off notes - notably the bored waiter who did laps around the restaurant like a caged grizzly, jumping to pour the last few drops of soda or clear the plates. Next, they make a nice Tiramisu, just not my preferred style - I like mine much creamier.

We went late in the afternoon to the East Village branch, there weren't many folks there. Fine by me, we had our pie in no time.

East Village

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  1. Nice way to celebrate our return to NY... I am not exactly a pizza fan. Always too much for big tummy.

    Enjoyed the pizza. The crust was light and fluffy and the combination of the toppings was perfect-O!

    Seems to be owned by a Japanese man... maybe that's y it's good. =P

  2. Yeah, ok - a Japanese guy with a last named Palombino....


  3. That pizza looks outstanding. I'm officially ravenous! Although I'm not a fan of salami.. still no better place to get pizza than in NY! What is it about pizza that you're not a fan of?

  4. @Lindsey - I'm a fan, and maybe now the Puffin is a fan too. She's from Singapore - she doesn't know from good pizza. Now she does, though.....

    I have a feeling she'd go back for a Motorino pizza without hesitation.