Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucca - Paris

Baby's All Grown Up
Straight off the plane from all the globe-trotting I'm not going to dive head first into my Paris life. Let me ease into it, slowly, by way of Italy. Dodo, you remember Lucca, right? The little Italian spot north of the apartment that serves nice focaccia? Well, he's expanded - both the menu and the space. Now he's selling pasta, has taken over some space across the street and even has a lounge/bar on the corner where he was pumping NWA, of all things.

I had a pasta with pesto sauce and a variety of vegetables including peas, eggplant and asparagus. It wasn't half bad. His tomato and mozarella plate was good too. It's the same old guy, with the 5 day shadow, the swoop of tsunami hair and the easy smile.

I sat outside and took in the non-scenic street scene, you know how it is around there. There were a few Frenchies lighting up non-stop next to me and I think I heard one of them say 'welcome back motherfucker, now suck in my face-smoke.' Or perhaps I just imagined it....

15, rue du Vertbois
3rd Arondissement

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  1. I remember this place... we had bruschetta there once and if I am not wrong, tiramisu (french style) there once too.

    Your pasta doesn't call out to me... do they have the regular bolognese sytle ones?

  2. @Dodo - my pasta doesn't call out? Really? Lol, I know you don't like pesto but I sure do. Hey, when you arrive in Paris we can try out some other things on the menu.