Wednesday, March 2, 2011

40 Hands - Singapore

Outsourcing the Hobby
Puff List readers realize I don't know what I'm talking about and my photos are crap.  I'm no pro, this is a hobby - one that can be very time consuming.  At 40 Hands, I accidentally stumbled into an epiphany - I may be able to outsource some of the work.  I was there for brunch with Dodo and her friends MC and Pirate Pixels, two photo fanatics.  They whipped out their expensive cameras and were like food paparazzi.  In this post, I'm using their shots and you can definitely tell the difference - notice the beautiful depth of field in Pirate's egg cocotte.
40 Hands is all about coffee, the name being a reference to the twenty people on average who have a hand in your coffee from crop onwards.  Not sure who came up with the figure, just go with me on that one.   Pirate Pixels was happy with her espresso, I think.  Pirate, care to comment?
Everyone else loved their lattes.  If you've spent time in Australia, you recognize the glass - this is an Aussie style place.  I like the blurred hand and coffee in the background.  Better yet, I liked sitting back, doing nothing and letting the experts take all the shots.  Next step is to find someone to write the words.  Dodo, you want to be a permanent guest blogger?

For some reason Aussies love eggs benedict.  If I had to guess, this is the national breakfast dish.  The 40 Hands version was quite nice.
They have gotten quite a rep for their Tau Sar Pau - steamed buns filled with red bean paste.  I had one and liked it and the others concurred.  However, they're overly steep at SG2.50 a pop.
Best of all, in my humble opinion, are the truffle oil matchstick fries.  I could eat a whole bucket of these and deal with the stomach ache later.  This little one agrees - if you don't like these fries, you are a LOSER.

78 Yong Siak St

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  1. Latte is definitely good here. You don't feel like you are drinking milk which is sadly the case in many cafes around Singapore.

    Although I do have to say... unless you drive, it could be a challenge getting here. Then again, as FN will say, that's only because you are LAZY! Wahaha... Lazy I am!

  2. @Dodo - the MRT stop is not that far. You Singaporeans are lazy when it comes to walking, man. Or maybe it's just YOU???

  3. giselle love!!! ((: my friend was telling me about the truffle fries as well. no fair, how come no one bought me there?

  4. @Annoying - same reason you didn't bring me to your tart place? Hello???

  5. I am probably more afraid you won't like the pictures...

  6. @Pirate - what's not to love about the photos? You're HIRED!! I will send you an agenda for our posts next time I'm in SG. You will be paid with food. MC, you wanna join?

  7. woohooo....that sounds so good!

  8. Hi there, I happened to pass by!
    Your post on 40 Hands is making me drool. I'm going to bring my Hubbs there.
    Nice pictures. Love it.

  9. Hello - thanks for stopping by. I wish I could take credit for the photos for this post, but I used some experts.... Some of my Singaporean friends are telling me the 40 Hands quality has dropped off but I haven't tried recently myself...