Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sugar - Milan

Pasticceria as Revenge
"If you go to Hong Kong without me, I'll go somewhere too" I threatened.  I was due in Paris the next day and she was hinting about going to a meeting in one of my favorite places.  By the time I boarded the plane in Singapore, she was booking her flight.  A few days later, she was gloating about dim sum.  I immediately plotted my response: Milan.  Yes, I'm vengeful.  At Sugar, I ordered based on maximum jealousy potential.

Their fruit tart mainlines sugar directly to the cranial sac.  My spine straigtened and pupils dilated.  A smile spread slowly across my face.  It was damned good - I'd chosen well.  I took a trolley straight to their front door.  Milan's web of trolleys remind me of Melbourne.  So does the laid back atmosphere.
I sat in the front window, sipping my Illy, which of course was perfect.  I don't know how Italians can drink coffee outside their country.  Every cup I had was excellent.

The kid was bullshitting to maximum effect, paper out, reading every word and didn't have a clue.  I should have been an actor or a spy.

Back on the trolley, looking for my next vengence.  The trolley's are so cool.  This one was older than my grandma.  No heat, no soft seats.

I was holding onto this exact strap when I saw my next spot.

As I was getting off, I saw this sign.  It's perfect.  Is says "vengence is best served sweet"

26 Via Vincenzo Monti

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  1. Arrogant... how can Milan be a fair revenge against Hong Kong? Nevermind.... I will be patient and have my revenge!!!!!! ARRGGHHH...