Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beauty's Luncheonette - Montreal

Quebec is in the Timing
Once upon, I spent six months working in Montreal.  It was in the thick of winter so forgive my recollection of dull grey skies and depressing cold.   The buildings along rue St Jacques had salt shadows taller than me and my daily jaunt to the office could have been made on ice skates.  Our recent road trip, perfectly timed to the height of Montreal's two week summer, erased all my frigid memories.  Beauty's Luncheonette did a fair share of the erasing.
Beautys serves what could be the best breakfast sandwich on the planet.  Bacon, egg, sharp cheddar and tomato between two lightly grilled pieces of challah.  It's all about the ingredients - everything tastes fresh and home grown, especially the tomatoes.  We spent the morning at the Jean Talon market and tried many of the variety of tomatoes.  They are fantastically flavorful.
I ate facefulls of hot-out-of-the-oven Montreal style bagels at Fairmount and St-Viateur and also got a fully loaded version at Beautys.  The lox and cream cheese played nicely with the sesame seeds.  Dodo even got the baked mac and cheese which was good but suffered by comparison to a recent version of the kid's famous conconction with bacon.
This stood out as our best Montreal breakfast.  Even my boy Geppie, who is a notoriously picky eater, praised everything we had.

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  1. Absolutely best breakfast sandwich ever...... cannot think of a close 2nd best. When are we going back dopey? I wanna get the more spaghetti sauce from Drogheria too!!!

    1. Wow, that's high praise coming from you, Dodo. Tomato sauce from Drogheria Fine was top notch, we should've bought more.