Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Queen Victoria Market - Melbourne

Breakfast of Champions
Queen Victoria Market is "the" market in Melbourne.  It's a combination flea market, butchers, bakers and food court that you're as likely to find boomerangs for sale as you are "Moreton Bay Bugs."  Those are the fellows in the middle to the right of the tiger prawns.  I don't think anyone consulted a reputable PR firm when they came up with the moniker "bay bug."  Not exactly appetizing.  Besides, we were there for something much more mainstream, though perhaps not "breakkie" mainstream.
That's right, we eat bratwurst for breakfast!  We're not sissies like some of those other wannabe food bloggers.  We even went for the spicy version!
There were more than a few bratwurst purveyors at the market but Dodo was positive this was the good one.  I didn't question her, more often than not she's on the money.  It's an efficient operation, we jumped in line and got one to share with two lattes.  Well, ok, look - that's not exactly a typical combo but we were sleepy.  Too many planes and too many time zones will do that to you.
It was loaded with cheese and tucked into a very sturdy bun.  I bit enthusiastically and chewed with all my might.  Only after a while did the spiciness begin to kick in.  I'd label it "ok" - nothing super-amazing or outstanding.  I was hoping for more of a pop!  More flavor, pretty please.
As an American who travels internationally a lot, I can tell you that American food gets no respect.  It's pretty funny usually - I cannot tell you how many Frenchies, on the way into a restaurant have told me "sorry, they don't have any hamburger for you here"  We are simply hamburgers and donuts to most people.  Of course, they've never really been to America - they've never had barbecue in South Carolina, tacos in East Los Angeles, soul food in Mississippi or Cajun in New Orleans. Shit, for that matter, they've never really had a good burger either - just some crappy fast food version.  So, when I saw this "donut trailer" in the market, I both rolled my eyes AND got excited!  DONUTS!!!  I yelled.
Now, I watched them make a few and quickly realized these were more like beignets you'd get in New Orleans than good old American cake donuts.  Properly done, they'd be pretty good and properly done for me means loaded with jelly. 
Sadly, they got all Scrooge McDuck when it was jelly time. A dot of jelly? Are you serious? Is there a jelly drought down under or something?  Sorry Aussies, come on over to American and get a real donut!
155 Victoria St,

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  1. I like the bratwurst... brings back memories of my silliness... my first taste of veal several years back :)

    Still remember feeling guilty but then feigning ignorance and finishing it all up!

  2. Next time you are in the vic market go to the doughnut van and ask for double jam or "fill her up please". We are very accomadating.
    American Doughnut Kitchen.
    Find us on facebook.

  3. @Karl - ok, you got a deal. How about triple-jam??