Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bian Dang - Manhattan

Trading Abe for Chops
Some crazy people were slinging chops from a van for only five bucks today.  I saw em driving down Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn on Saturday and jotted the name down - Bian Dang.  Pure luck - they parked a block from the job today so I donned the snorkel parka, waited in line and traded over a fiver.  In return, they gave me a filling two chop lunch that included rice, pork sauce and greens.     

I didn't know em in their previous incarnation as the Cravings truck so I don't know if the menu's changed. As Bian Dang they're offering pork chops or chicken or fishcake over rice and offering them cheaply.  The five dollar price was a special today, two less than normal.

The chops were serviceable, but due to price I'll give them an upgrade to "good."   I ate every morsel and paid in sleepiness later.  A colleague asked for a taste, so I told em what my boy Froggy would've "there's more in the store!"  I pointed out the window, told him to take a right on 24th and look for the light blue van....

24th and Park (and a variety of other locations)

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  1. Bian Dang means lunch box... looks yummy and juicy! Can't wait to head back to check out the food trucks!!

  2. @Dodo - there seems to be one or two food trucks per Manhattan block these days!

  3. Their menu is the same as it was when it was the cravings truck...but I remember not liking their pork chop. The trucks have figured out some kind of schedule by my work in midtown...I have a different one every day!

  4. @Korovka - I wasn't super-siked about the chop, but for five bucks it was acceptable. Imagine what the Frenchies would say about getting food from a truck and eating at your desk....

  5. I got the dumplings. $3 for 4 is quite pricey. Well, the premium you pay for decent Asian food in Manhattan (san Chinatown).

  6. @Kim, yep that sounds like a lot for 4 dumplings. For just two more bucks I got two pork chops....