Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mexicue - Manhattan

More Manhattan Truck Love
If you ask me "Mac or PC?" I'll smile and answer "both."  It's not because I'm a smartass (though that helps) - I simply don't buy into the question.  On my travels I've learned that everyone thinks their country's food is the best.  Regardless the location, there's pressure to side with the locals.  With an open mind you can find good (and bad) in each country.  On my food continuum, the NYC lunch truck is closer in spirit to the Singapore hawker than the Parisian two hour wine-soaked lunch.  If you've tried the Mexicue truck you know what I mean - they serve-up quick yet excellent barbecued meats in taco and sandwich form.
After walking too many blocks in frigid winds I went order overboard.  I preferred the middle of a lineup consisting of a short rib taco, barbecue brisket slider and pulled pork slider.  Steer clear of the tacos, they're many better places for those.  Stick with the sliders, which ooze messily with barbecue sauce and avocado and transport you to the edge of a mid-afternoon nap.  
When I come back in April, I hope to try them again when the weather is warmer.  I'll sit in Madison Square Park with the Dodo rather than head back to office.

5th Ave and 18th
(and other locations, check out their twitter feed to get up to date locations)

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  1. loving your blog...just joined up. this looks damn tasty... we don't have van/trucks like that is aust! except dodgy icecream trucks...dayle

  2. @GBF - thanks. After looking at your blog I'm newly ashamed by my lame photography, lol. Food trucks used to have a bad name, we used to call em roach coaches when I lived in Los Angeles. They've made a big splash in NY.

  3. The oozing avocado reminds me of salsa verde... do they have fresh salsa verde to accompany the sliders?

  4. @Dodo - someone is obsessed with salsa verde, huh?