Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spot - Manhattan

Checking Out the New Dessert Spot
It's not every week that a "dessert guru" opens his new dessert bar while I'm in NY. Pichet Ong, of Batch and P'ong fame, opened up Spot to offer NYers a SE Asian take on dessert. I just happen to have a SE Asian girlfriend, so I was excited and worried at the same time. She's a tough cookie, pun intended....

I went against better judgment and ordered the soft cheesecake with walnuts and huckleberries shown above. I say that because I'm a cheesecake snob who prefers the heavier, western style. I should have known better - it wasn't my thing. Not so Puffin's yuzu eskimo with oreo cookie, strawberry and passionfruit. This was a lovely, tangy, crazy ice cream sandwich combo, pairing a familiar oreo-like cookie crust with the Japanese citrus fruit, yuzu. I enjoyed this a lot, scraping the plate to a clear white.

As you can see from the menu, there are seasonal items, cookies, cupcakes, ice creams and drinks.

On the negative side of things, both the thai milk coffee and the hot ovaltine were fails. Puffin didn't take more than a sip of her ovaltine - let's say that she is an ovaltine snob. Since they just opened and are working out the kinks, I will cut them some slack. I like the idea of the place, so I will come back to check it out after it matures a bit.

13 St Marks Place

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  1. I have to agree the yuzu eskimo is a winner! Everything was good about it... except maybe if I can have 3 pieces instead of 2 pieces of the eskimo maybe? Haha.. YES, I am greedy and guess I have complains abt everything.

    The ovaltine was really not to my liking.. it had not enough ovaltine for starts and maybe it's just me... I am a milo fan.

  2. I think there a few other good things on the menu to try.... let's make another visit before we take off.....

  3. that yuzu eskimo pie does look delicious. maybe i'll go back and try that. what did your girlfriend not like about the ovaltine? most of the time, I think ovaltine at chinese bakeries are kinda diluted. it could easily be better if one makes it at home... where does she think makes a good cup?

  4. @Danny - exactly, the Ovaltine was diluted. I think I could make one at home much better.

  5. Hello Puff,

    I am heading to NYC next week. What are your top 5 dessert spots besides Pichet's place? And on the savory side anything new must see?

  6. @Joel - I am heading back to NYC next week too, can't wait. I suggest you check out for dessert spots, I am more of a cafe guy rather than a dessert spot guy. For my money, if you have been to NYC before, get out to Brooklyn and check out Iris cafe for breakfast and head over to Baked in Red Hook for a cupcake.