Friday, June 10, 2011

Tacombi - Manhattan

This is What a Cool Taco Spot Looks Like
It's hot in NY, the past few days in the mid-90's.  The Dodomode is in town pretending it's not as hot as Singapore.  She's due to leave soon so we went on a Nolita shopping run and took note of Tacombi, filing it away for a future visit.  The future arrived sooner than planned when the swirling dark skies began to drop water and ice on us.  We ran back to Tacombi, only slightly wet, and tucked into some tacos.
I wasn't sure what to expect - the interior is ingenious.  It's like a large garage with a converted VW bus serving as a taco stand.  There is a separate stand for drinks and you order what you want and seat yourself.  They were playing Netflix movies on a large screen and many were enjoying the free wifi.  I was looking around admiring the design and figured "there's no way the tacos will be good."  I was bracing myself for the worst - usually when this much thought goes into design, the food suffers.  I was quite happy when my pork taco arrived and happier after the first bite.  Not quite as good as Matamoros, but good enough.  I downed it and immediately ordered another.
Dodomode was really happy with her deep-fried fish taco.  She munched quietly and let me try a small bite.  Not bad.  We were huddled close, listening to hail throw itself against the skylight. 
This is what a bad photo looks like.  Apologies, the storm darkened the place and I ended up with a grainy out of focus shot of an otherwise delicious chicken taco with corn.  I liked this one too, though not as much as the pork.
I plan to wander back here to try their breakfast.  With free wifi, I can eat and work a bit and saunter towards the office as late as I can get away with.
267 Elizabeth St

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  1. Puff - I enjoyed this spot. Good escape place from the rain. Tacos were good except I wished I could have salsa verde on the side. Don't think they have guac and chips... that would be a plus too. Hehe... yes, I am demanding!

  2. Dear readers, do you, like I, think it's sad that the subject of this blog is too lazy to login? She now comments anonymously? Hey, wait, I just remembered that I barely have any readers, wahahaha. Ok, so let me attack head-on: Dodo, get your act together!

  3. The Puff Speaks.....June 12, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    I cannot help it if the website does work babe! Why attack me?

  4. Yeah, what is that loser thinking? Wahahahahahahaha.