Monday, March 21, 2011

Eataly - Manhattan

Pricey but Tasty!
I visited Eataly when it opened a few months back and immediately wanted to kill myself.  It was a buzzing mess of gawking tourists and elbowy locals, stretching wait times and my patience beyond reason.  I swam against the current out the exit, empty-stomached and pissed, no intention of ever returning.  I didn't tell this to my colleagues who booked a "haven't seen you in a while" lunch there.  Luckily, the place has settled down; you can get a table in a reasonable amount of time and savor some good food.  I regret not trying Cacio e Pepe while I was in Rome.  The Eataly version was al dente and the pecorino and ground black pepper speed-bagged my taste buds perfectly.  I could eat this every day.
My colleagues were just as happy with their penne with tomato sauce.  I tried a bite after listening to their moans.  Simple, fresh and outstanding.
The pizza couldn't contend with my favorite at Motorino but that's a bit unfair probably.  There wasn't much of it left when we were done and I did most of the heavy lifting.
The roasted vegetables caught me off guard.  They were so flavorful, especially the salsify in the foreground.  To see it described alternatively as "goatsbeard" was strange, though I think we were eating the vegetable, not the wildflower.
Yes, just three of us ate all this, including the filling platter of meats below.  I'm glad I came back.  I tend to write places off with one bad experience and I need to work on that a bit.  Eataly serves up a lot of good stuff.  If you can avoid paying for it yourself (as I did), then all the better.  It's not the cheapest place - and I say that after spending quite a bit of time in over-priced Paris.
200 5th Ave (corner of 23rd)
Flatiron District

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  1. Hello,
    Are you actually back to NY for good? I'm asking this because I am one of your Parisian readers and have enjoyed reading about your experiences in our beautifuk city (whether you agree with that last bit is up to debate ;-)
    In any case I hope to visit New York this summer so I'll keep reading your blog. I really enjoy it, not least your humble tone!
    Keep it up!

  2. @Frenchie - lol, I cannot wait to hear my girlfriend's opinion about my "humble tone." I can almost hear her. I'm in NYC on one of my usual short swings. I'll be back in Gay Paree and posting Paris stuff soon enough.

  3. You should try their fussili with ragu. Absolutely amazing, and their fussili were long, twisted, and perfectly al dente. We also picked up some duck breast last time we visited.

  4. @Ling - wow, that sounds good too, now I'm torn. You know, a lot of places tell you they'll cook your pasta al dente but this is one place where they really do it.

  5. Humble tone sure sounds funny... maybe Frenchie is being sarcastic. Wahahaha...

    The pasta isn't calling out to me but the pizza and the meat platter is!! Hammmm... I love!

  6. @Dodo - your radar is off, homie. Cacio e Pepe is slamming! You're gonna eat your words next week.!