Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fenocchio - Nice

Warm Enough for Gelato
Having a gelato from Fenocchio is a must in Nice - it's a local institution, churning out over a hundred different flavors.  We perused them all and steered clear of the stranger flavors and settled on a scoop of melon and passionfruit.  We enjoyed them a lot.  The melon was very subtle and did indeed taste exactly like its namesake, not a fake note struck.  The passionfruit was equally true and tangy to boot.
You can order quickly from their outside service, located in the old section of town.
And best of all, you can eat in the plaza, bask in the sunlight and take in the beautiful sights, like the Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate.

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  1. Gorilla and I loved Nice! If you have the time, try to have lunch at Chantecler inside Hotel Negresco. Really good value for a Michelin Star restaurant.

  2. @Cewek - We stayed down near the old town and we never walked that far west to Chantecler. When we took a cab to the airport we noticed how much there was West of the old town that we didn't see. Next time!

  3. Ahha! Another reason to go to Nice... yeah me!

    The melon brought back fond memories of my road trip with the girls in Italy many many years back... hmmm.. watermelon gelato :)

  4. @Dodo - sorry, that was our one trip to South of France. Onwards and upwards...

  5. Hehehehe... I wouldn't take that excuse Dodo! The boy is based in Paris, and Nice is just a short plane ride away with Ryanair to boot!

    In anycase, do any of you have any restaurant recs for Beijing? We'll be there just after Christmas for 5 nights.


  6. @Cewek - Nice, been there done that. NEXT!