Saturday, January 9, 2010

Caffe dei Cioppi - Paris

Italian Lunch, in Reverse
I was so full, but I just had to do it. The fondant au chocolat stared at me through the whole meal (or was it the other way around?). I paired it with a steaming hot latte for good measure. If you're gonna take a two hour lunch, you may as well go all the way.

The penne looked deceptively simple and perhaps it was - or maybe the chef just made it look easy. She stirred a few pots and voila! The tomatoes were sweeter than I'm used to - it caught me off guard. I wasn't sure at first but decided I liked it about half-way through.

As I waited for my penne, I had the classic starter - a charcuterie plate. It was as good as any I've had, perhaps just a tad better for the few pieces that were almost purely fat. It's as if they read my mind.

You cannot get a better seat than this. One of three at the counter next to the open kitchen. I was directly opposite the stove, a good place to be on a snowy afternoon. If I'd wanted to, with a bit of effort I could've reached across to the stove or goosed the chef, though she was a bit fierce looking.

I was surprised when I walked in. The whole place is no bigger than a school bus, maybe smaller. This photo and the previous cover it all: exactly 16 seats, no more. I've seen mention of this being a good, romantic spot - perhaps due to its coziness. I will bring the little lady here next time she's in town.

I finally found it down a small alleyway, tucked away from the noise and traffic.

Don't blink or you'll miss it. It's not on rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine exactly. Look for this opening and the name high above it.

159, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
11th Arondissement

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  1. Mmmmm. Penne & chocolate. What a combo!

  2. It was slamming, Sal! Especially getting to sit next to the stove and watch the chef in action....

  3. Haha.. you always like it when the place cooks your food in front of you. Think that is an instant winning you over formula.

  4. Ummm, exactly Puffin (hint, hint)

  5. A latte after lunch? Hmm, wonder if they guessed you were American. Hope you checked your change.

  6. @Anon - not quite sure what you're saying, let me try to read into it. Having a latte after lunch is an American thing? Or, you're worried that I won't be able to sleep? You can bet they know I'm an American due to my bad accent and loud annoying ways. Are you implying that since they can figure out I'm American they're gonna try to rip me off? Or, this specific place is crooked? Lol. Ok, nevermind, I don't know what you're saying....