Friday, March 19, 2010

Fulvio - Paris

Sardinian Lunch Extravaganza
I've walked by Fulvio many times on my way home from work but decided to have a taste after reading the Lost in Cheeseland review. Fridays tend to be slow so my colleagues and I usually enjoy a languorous lunch a la Francaise. Is there a better way to spend a warm Parisian afternoon? Ok, well, if my girl were here I could think of better way, but that only lasts about five minutes. So, with that manly admission, let's get back to the pasta. I had a forkfull of the orecchiette - it was deliciously loaded with garlic. But let's just say it's a good thing there were no post-lunch meetings scheduled in our airless offices.

I've been searching for the right word to capture the ravioli with truffle sauce. Resplendent? Exquisite? Wondrous? Awww, frigg it, it was damned tasty, ok? With ricotta (I believe) on the interior and touches of rosemary to round it out. I was jealous that I didn't order this.

I'm just greedy - no reason to covet thy neighbor's choice. My linguine with cream sauce was a plate full of sunshine. The shards of parmesan melted and mixed into the pasta as I made my way. I was sleepier and sleepier by the mouthful. If only I could have taken a Sardinian-style nap! My only regret? Not trying the Tiramisu - but I simply couldn't fit it, I was too full.
My only nitpick is the cost - this place is not for the pocket-shy. Perhaps it's priced for its intimate, elbow-to elbow size. Lunch for three was 100 Euros for one appetizer, three main courses and some wine. No dessert, no coffee. However, it filled me for the day. I ate no breakfast and as I type this I have absolutely no desire for dinner.

4, rue de Poitou
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Ahhhh, pahsta! Mouthwatering good descriptions and pictures. I'm jealous. My salads look pallid next to these.

  2. Oooo.. this sure looks good. When are we going to try it babe?

    I think we should do a share one main and one dessert package. This way, we don't have to pass on the tiramisu :)

  3. @Sal - Salad is for wabbits.

  4. @Puffin - whenever you like, Dodomode. You make the call. I say two mains, one dessert, no starters...

  5. I'm so glad you liked it!!! I'd like to try it for lunch since it's more affordable!

  6. @Lindsey - I sure did like it, it was damned good. Good recommendation.