Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Antica Focacceria San Francesco - Milan

Going South on Sunday
Like Paris, Milan is a bit sleepy on Sundays.  You take what you can get and are glad for it.  I was looking for a typical Milanese lunch, but settled for Sicilian instead.  It was educational, because other than "rigatoni", I didn't recognize one word on the menu.  They must speak a special kind of Italian in Sicily.

The rigatoni was bathed in a sweet tomato sauce, sweeter than I expected.  It took me a while to adjust.  I got full on it as I waited for my next plate, something that I randomly pointed at in the menu.  After I finished it off, I glanced over the desserts at the front counter but knew I'd be too full.

The mystery plate.  Not a clue when I dug in.  Still a bit fuzzy but my tongue tells me it was an assortment of meatballs with a side of sauteed eggplant.  I enjoyed every morsel.

It was standing room only and with good reason.  I sipped a glass of chianti and looked forward to the jealousy this post would incite in the ball and chain.  Dodo, how now brown cow?

Via S. Paolo 15

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  1. I love the mystery plate and could almost taste the mix of flavours. Yummy looking.

    1. Alexandra, it was pretty good, probably better due to the mystery.

  2. You know I love good italian food which is almost impossible to find in SG.... I still maintain my stand that it's unfair play to go Milan without me just because I went to HK!!!

    1. Dodo, you woulda loved the rigatoni, right up your alley.